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The Sandbox is the leading blockchain-based

Metaverse company in the world.





Building the Open NFT Metaverse
Play, Create, Own and Govern a Virtual World
driven by Players, with NFTs and $SAND

With over 2 million+ users and 350K MAUs in its 2nd Alpha Season, Sandbox boasts the most active Metaverse community and the strongest brand partnerships with sound use cases. Players have played a total of 1.12 M hours of gaming in Sandbox's Alpha Season 2, where 30M+ $ SAND was distributed to users.

On average NFTs are sold at around 2500 $ (in bull market conditions) and 10000 NFTs were sold during Alpha Season 2 (at average prices between 5000 - 7000 $).

Wasistdas is the growth partner of Sandbox for the Turkish market.

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Create your virtual experience next to the biggest brands

Contact us to discuss your metaverse strategy, and explore how best to position your business for the next frontier.

Welcome to the Turkishverse

The Sandbox is launching the Turkishverse, where the leading Turkish brands will showcase their unique metaverse experiences next to some of the leading global names.

A new way to connect with people.

As the growth partner, Wasistdas collaborates with Sandbox in curating the right IP/brand mix for the Sandbox TR metaverse.


Wasistdas co-creates the strategy and executes business development by identifying prospective collaborators and helping to build their Sandbox-specific business models into successful projects in Sandbox.

Wasistdas also consults the legal teams in the Sandbox-IP collaboration process and helps with establishing the right roadmap for successsful project launches.

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