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Real-time AI-based organizational intelligence for enterprise systems

Temporall helps leaders exercise their organizational intelligence. Using data from across your people and enterprise systems we help you understand how effective your strategy is and how to improve your organizational performance.

With the widespread adoption of remote working systems, traditional measurement tools to gauge communication and work efficiency are no longer applicable. Companies need de-centralized, automated solutions to analyze their organizations' culture, communications, creativity, and overall output. As such Temporall is the most sophisticated diagnostics and BI tool to measure the productivity and nature of digital workspaces. 

Wasistdas is the certified business partner of Temporall .


A real-time AI-based organizational snapshot to measure productivity in de-centralized digital workspaces.


The next big challenge for company leaderships will be to accurately measure performance and clearly gauge company culture in de-centralized, digital work environments.


The business landscape is moving towards home-office and part-time office systems where traditional analytical tools to understand collaboration, team-work, productivity and culture is no longer relevant.

With Temporall, Wasistdas can provide your company with the necessary diagnostics and analytics to achieve maximum organizational clarity in the digital work environment.


Measure company-wide technology adoption & calculate digital tool ROIs.


With Temporall’s proprietary technology Wasistdas can measure the penetration of use of enterprise systems as well as other new digital business tools such as Slack.


Real time diagnostics unearths valuable insights with regards to the ROI calculation of purchasing such digital tools.

Wasistdas partners with Temporall to show whether a company actually needs all the digital tools its paying for, and how best to re-stack these digital tool kits to eliminate unnecessary costs and get the most out of existing tools.

Temporall Workbench 

Achieve organizatonal clarity  

Temporall workbench provides access to your organization's inner workings in a clear and navigable way. Improved real-time diagnostics will offer the necessary tools to reach clarity in new de-centralized digital work models.

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