Intelligence-driven data science and behaviour change

Sentiance is a data science and behavior change company, turning motion data into deep insights and creating positive changes for a better life.

 A world leader in contextualizing mobile sensor data using its unique AI technology, Sentiance is the solution partner of some of the world’s biggest companies and most exciting disruptors in the technology, mobility, delivery, insurance, insurtech, banking, fintech, and e-commerce sectors.

Wasistdas is the exclusive partner of Sentiance in Turkey.


State-of-the-art AI, data science,

machine learning & behavioral modeling

Sentiance is an SDK that integrates into mobile applications and then utilizes its proprietary AI technology to deeply understand the mobile app users and unlock insights on an individual level. Using machine learning Sentiance takes in base-level locational inputs and builds a multi-dimensional mobility & lifestyle profile of users. Through this process, the technology provides deep contextualized insights about mobile app users that are invaluable for the app owners.


Holistic driver profiling & In-depth trip analytics


Sentiance’s driver-centric approach fueled by smartphone sensor data unveils specific driver habits and behavior in real-time, building a rich holistic driver profile. Multidimensional trip analytics shows driving behavior. Steep accelerations and heavy braking result in a lower Smooth Driving Score. Legal driving score measures how well the driver adheres to speed limits; Anticipative driving score measures how well the driver anticipates traffic situations.

•    Detailed and accurate driving event detection

•    Multidimensional driving behavior scoring

•    Crash detection & analysis

•    Context-aware intelligence

•    Mobility behavior profiling

•    Lifestyle behavior profiling


See what you can learn about your users. Discover the capabilities of Sentiance SDK.

  • Automate data collections for panels through IOT sensors.

  • Reduce costs of data collections through automation

  • Build profiles and context in a matter of weeks.

  • Gather observed data in addition to more traditional declared data

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