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Market Development

Service Design



Blockchain technology is creating a paradigm shift in trust-dependent transactions and businesses. Separating the core technology from the trading hype, Wasistdas focuses on identifying and analyzing best-in-class web3 infrastructure providers, as well as helping brands and companies enter into the blockchain world with the right use case. 

Having developed marketing and business development projects for Layer 1 protocols, leading metaverse companies and game-fi start-ups Wasistdas has garnered real-world experience in ideating new products/services native to the blockchain space and establishing roadmaps for effective go-to-market plans.


  • High-level commercial strategy, crypto strategy (e.g. tokenomics and mechanics), down to tactical execution roadmaps

  • End-to-end customer experience strategies, including customer research, analytics, strategy & design

  • Bridging IP owners (celebs, associations, brands) and consumers (crypto-native and normies)

  • Serve as an inventive champion with the ability to break down complex tasks and create clarity from complexity

  • Out-of-the-box perspective on data and research, finding interesting consumer insights 

  • Deep understanding of crypto market fundamentals and a history of following and participating in the space

Use Cases


San Francisco, USA

Near Protocol is a leading layer 1 blockchain that uses a unique sharding technology (Nightshade) for speedy transactions. It is designed to be fast and user-friendly. 

Wasistdas has developed and delivered projects for companies looking to enter into the blockchain world on the Near protocol.


Istanbul, Turkey

Sandbox is a global leader in Metaverse projects. With its voxel and game-making, the engine Sandbox empowers gamers to become creators. 

Wasistdas partnered with Sandbox for its growth activities in the Turkish market. Wasistdas offers end-to-end solutions for brands to enter into the Sandbox metaverse the right way.

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