Successfully helping businesses evolve for more than 10 years.

Wasistdas is a novel boutique business development and consulting firm, forming bespoke, tech-forward, value-generating business solutions with an emphasis on digitalization.

With its dedicated team of professionals and extensive international network, wasistdas customizes the best business strategy and accelerates the road to success. 




We do not help companies change. We facilitate their process of evolution. We make sure the process of change is evolutionary; that change is done for the specific purpose of better thriving within the changing conditions of the business environment.


Uncovering the source problems, and dealing with them head-on is one of the most critical aspects of a successful business. Clarity is a prerequisite for value generation, and transparency is the most effective method to a state of reach clarity.


The business landscape evolves rapidly and solutions to new problems necessitate ever more multi-disciplined approaches. We allow for out-of-left-field ideas to present themselves as potential solutions for difficult problems.


Trying out novel approaches, constant up-cycling is what evolutionary processes do to perfect design. We believe the same principle is equally significant for business processes. 


The pareto optimum state of any business process rests on finding the equilibrium between the creative and executive areas. Methodical approaches clarify designated spheres of influence as well as enable accurate diagnostics.


We reject template "solutions". Every business is unique to itself. Therefore the problems, solutions, and evolutionary trajectory of every business have to be analyzed per case. 


Our solutions for today will become the problems of tomorrow. We make sure organizations are continually on the hunt for new trends and industry-changing developments.


We don't claim to have all the answers. We have the inquisitiveness to uncover the right questions, the experience to filtrate fast, and the muscle to act swiftly.




20+ years of success in strategy, business development & marketing; helping companies incorporate modern digital tools and analytical systems into traditional business models driving revenue and relevance.

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Mert Evcim


Chief Executive Officer

10 years of success in business development, management & strategy; creating multinational sales teams, spearheading market-specific product development, modernizing hospitality & retail best practices.

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Ömer Babaoglu



International Projects Director

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