Case Study

TAV Operation Services is a leading company in Airport Non-Aeronautical Services sector now with a footprint in 30 countries and over 100 airports. Wasistdas partnered with TAV in transforming their services into digital products and innovative loyalty services. As such Wasistdas was with TAV all along the way in the creation of 4 digital TAV products: LoungeMe, TAV Passport, Prime Class and Wasistdas was also a solution partner in TAV OS’s global airport tender preparations. 



•    International marketing project development

•    International expansion strategy

•    Global business development

•    New product and service generation

•    Tender preparation


Impact Created

•    10 years of solution partnership

•    Successful expansion into 19 countries in non-aeronautical business models

•    Brands Created:,, Primeclass, TAV Passport, LoungeMe mobile app •    TAV is now a globally recognized brand throughout the world in the Airport hospitality sector

•    9.5 million traveler experience designed for all TAV lounges globally

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